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Thanks for visiting. As many of you will know, like 17 million others I voted for BREXIT in the recent EU Referendum. Apparently we're all ill-informed, uneducated rabble, but the 'remain' side might be suprised at how much we actually knew before the vote took place on 23rd June 2016.

Speaking personally, I had always felt "out" was the right choice, but I did some delving around, to make sure, before voting. After three weeks or so of gathering related info, I wrote the blog page on 12th June. It seemed to me that the UK was being asset-stripped, using our "membership contributions" to fund the grants. There was a growing sense of disbelief about all that was coming to light, so I went and dug some more. How had the UK got sucked into this? That, too, became apparent, and was why I subsequently created the comment page (17-19th June), a few days before the EU Referendum. I only wish that many who voted 'remain' had been aware of the bigger picture. The TV debates didn't even scratch the surface.

Twitter, of all the unlikely things, proved invaluable. I'd never given it much credence before, and frankly couldn't understand why people used it. But during the long weeks of delving for facts about the UK's situation, it became apparent that MSM (mainstream media) was providing a rather slanted/biased overview, whereas Twitter seemed to highlight just-about-everything, on a minute-by-minute basis. My endless thanks go to all those on Twitter who provided info for the "blog" and "comment" pages, and subsequently for "The People's Brexit Roadmap" (sent to Cabinet members just before that first meeting at Chequers on 31/08/16).

Some time later, a page was created of links to direct news sources. Disengaging the UK from the EU looks likely to be a long and convoluted process as many legal experts disagree on the best ways for the UK to regain full independence, but it is to be hoped that Theresa May is capable of delivering "full Brexit". Will she be? Will the seemingly-endless legal challenges hold things up indefinitely? Who knows. But if anyone reading this is unsure whether the Brexiteers have got all their marbles, take a look at the "blog", "comment" and "roadmap" pages. We love this country. We just want things to be put right.


Donald Trump won the Election, and the "electoral college vote", but it soon became apparent that the transition was made deliberately difficult for him. Many of us breathed a collective sigh of relief when he finally took office. Sources of information about the deeper issues in the run-up to the Election (that no-one talked about, or not outside Twitter, much) seem now much harder to find on Twitter, but Wikileaks still provides a wealth of information, if you have the patience to wade through it.

Since the Inauguration, the flow of Executive Orders and much else from the new President's office has been something to behold; it's rare that anyone works so committedly - and immediately - to deliver on their campaign promises. Inevitably there has been a tide of complaint from the left - both in the US and elsewhere in the world - but it's clear that Donald Trump is placing the safety and security of Americans above all else. It is reassuring that he has reaffirmed the 'special relationship' with the United Kingdom and - whilst UK politicians generally work in a much more guarded and slow-paced way - it is to be hoped that this relationship will in time provide a firm foundation for much-needed change to come about, not only in the US but also in the UK, Europe and the wider world.

about me

Self-employed, have recently re-built the Home and Garden shop at Sunshine City, currently displays over 15,000 products sold by British firms, everything for the garden plus lots of furniture bargains. Hoping to increase trade over the months ahead, to stay afloat financially, and also that in the longer term the shop might provide some way of forward-funding the Project HappyChild site for the indefinite future.


Over many years, while my three sons were growing up (single parents don't get out much), I built the Project HappyChild website (non-profit) which reached 100 million visits on 3rd April 2011. The original reason for building the site was to highlight a range of UK-based charities helping children, the ones now shown in the Project HappyChild Directory.

Because of the timeframe within which it was built, the site includes a huge Pokémon area (still very popular) and a smaller one for Harry Potter, though it has been the tens of thousands of free worksheets (maths and languages, mainly) that have led to the huge visit levels (still ongoing). My personal thanks for volunteer help from across the world, particularly for the free dual-language worksheets (12 languages to English now, including French, Russian, Romanian, Polish and many others) which helped make all this possible.

other stuff

The Illuminated Bible (Bible verses) (2003) and KJV (Bible chapters) (2012). Both sites could probably do with an overhaul of style/layout in due course. I've linked Revelation from both, given that's probably the most popular Book of the Bible, just lately. © Penny Midas Rollo 2017.