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Over many years, evenings mainly, while my three sons were growing up (single parents don't get out much), I built the Project HappyChild website (non-profit) which reached 100 million visits on 3rd April 2011. The original reason for building the site was to highlight a range of UK-based charities helping children, the ones now shown in the Project HappyChild Directory.

Because of the timeframe within which it was built, the site includes a huge Pokémon area (still very popular) and a smaller one for Harry Potter, though it has been the tens of thousands of free worksheets (maths and languages, mainly) that have led to the huge visit levels (still ongoing). My personal thanks for volunteer help from across the world, particularly for the free dual-language worksheets (12 languages to English now, including French, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Arabic, Urdu etc.) which helped make all this possible.

UK visitors can support Project HappyChild by switching ISP to PlusNet and quoting happychild when you sign up (doesn't cost anything to "refer" Project HappyChild in this way but should give the site a small discount, for every month you stay with PlusNet). If you'd like to help in this way, please drop me a note [penny2012 (at)] so I can make sure the site gets credited, thanks :)

about me

Self-employed, pagebuild html tables, plus have a shop, Sunshine City, goods sold by UK firms (recently updated to be mobile-compatible). The shop's a bit unconventional but has many thousands of items for sale (lots of good bargains) and I'm hoping that if more people start shopping there it might gradually free up my time to progress more sets of the free dual-language worksheets at Project HappyChild (there's so much more that could be done, and the worksheets are free for non-profit use by schools, parents, whoever, worldwide).

other stuff

Back in 2003 I built the website for The Illuminated Bible (one verse per page) and in 2012 I built KJV Daily (one chapter per page). Both sites have recently been updated (July 2018) and I've finally figured out the programming so you can go backwards as well as forwards through the verses, in The Illuminated Bible. That might sound a bit strange but check out Genesis Ch1 v1 (use the crosses either side of the verse); often there's the wish to go back and re-read something, which was less straightforward previously.

In June 2016 I put together a comment page which identifies some of the reasons *why* the UK voted to leave the EU, and was subsequently involved in creating "The People's Brexit Roadmap" (sent to Cabinet members just before that first meeting at Chequers on 31/08/16). Like everyone else I'm still hoping the politicians manage to get things right, and to deliver a clean Brexit, in due course.

Longer-term aims: to learn to skate properly (rollerskating, ice-skating, don't mind which) and to find time to write (books, screenplays). © Penny Midas Rollo 2018.