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single parent, three sons (James, Andy, Sol)

website:  Project HappyChild  (non-profit)  -  100 million visits @ 3rd April 2011

site includes:

Andy's Guide to Pokémon  -  over 20 million visits

Sol's Guide to The Magical World of Harry Potter  -  over 5 million visits

Freeway  -  over 50 million visits

free worksheets for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Bulgarian, Chinese

also for Maths (addition, subtraction, times tables, division, etc.)

includes three "Bart + Miss Walker" stories for learning about fractions and percentages

Bricks + Mortar - free reading system, for helping kids learn to read

Project HappyChild Directory - highlighting a range of UK-based charities helping children

(original reason for building the Project HappyChild website)


Self-employed, online shop, Sunshine City (100,000+ products for sale from firms in the UK)

Other sites built:
The Illuminated Bible (Bible verses) (2003) and KJV (Bible chapters) (2012).

Penny Midas Rollo

Stuff about BREXIT. Some of the reasons *why* the UK voted to leave the EU. Not light reading. Archived page/s. © Penny Midas Rollo 2017.